Serviço de streaming supera a venda de discos no Brasil.

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  1. hjsportsed disse:

    It’s amazing how much the music industry has changed. I still remember when I bought my first CD when CDs first came out. Now you can put so many songs on such a little device. Simply amazing how things have changed.

    • Eder Oelinton disse:

      Thank you for your participation my friend, and the visit, happy that the language was not an obstacle for you, just as you, I’m amazed at how things have evolved,. If you like that sort of matter, you will like my blog is full of information on technology and advances, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and many curiosities. My blog is still at the beginning, I hope to grow more and more, and with your help and many followers surely get there! Once again, thank you!

  1. 13 de agosto de 2015

    […] upon a comment I made on another blogger’s blog. Yesterday, I commented on a blog about streaming music service exceeding record sales in Brazil posted by Eder Oelinton in his blog entitled […]

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